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The Importance of Tree Removal for Commercial Properties

The Importance of Tree Removal for Commercial Properties

Many business owners are clueless about tree removals and all they entail. Everyone knows that trees are a gorgeous part of any property but can sometimes become a nuisance or even a danger. There are a lot of reasons for Tree Removal for Commercial Properties.  Storms, disease, and even change to the landscape might make a tree prone to tree removal.

Different properties have different layouts, which makes the tree removal a very difficult task. Tree removals must be done by a skilled professional who has years of experience removing trees. Depending on the size and location of the tree that is being removed, the job could be easy or very difficult.

Here are a few things to consider when taking down trees:

  • The tree’s proximity to powerlines
  • Nearby construction/buildings
  • Personal injury risk

When Is the Perfect Time to Remove a Tree?  

Although it can be very hard to say goodbye to a tree, especially one that has been providing your company spectacular views every day or even a place for you and your employees to enjoy some shade as you eat your lunch, it’s sometimes necessary. Or sometimes, you simply aren’t sure whether or not a tree needs to be removed. Before you have the tree taken down, be sure to have an arborist take a look and evaluate the tree and it will give you peace of mind in knowing that the damage cannot be fixed and the tree needs to be removed.

Custom Care Is Essential from Removing Trees

Tree removals from a commercial property site are completely different from those on a residential property. For instance, you must consider pedestrians and traffic during the tree removal process. If your business is in a heavily trafficked area, then the area must be cornered off while the workers perform the tree removal. Plus, there are many other rules and regulations that need to be applied when removing a tree on a commercial property. The removal process might require special permits or permissions from the municipality.

Why You Need a Professional for Tree Removal

You simply can’t hire anyone with a chainsaw to remove the trees from your commercial property. Tree removal is a specialized job that requires professional training to ensure it’s done right. The person must be fully trained and certified and be able to handle tree removals, no matter the size of the job.

Here are some reasons to consider a professional tree removal company:

  • Efficiency: When it comes to commercial tree removals, you need to ensure the job is done in an efficient way, with the entire process finished and cleaned before your valued customers arrive.
  • Stump Removal: Skip the risk of trips and falls by having the stump removed right then and there.

Root Removal: Prevent the risk of underground problems in the future by removing the roots when the tree is initially removed.

When it comes to tree branch trimming, tree removals, stump grinding and any other tree services, be sure to contact the experts at Taylor Tree Care.  Click here for a Free Estimate.

Make Sure Your Tree Survives a Storm with Tree Cabling and Bracing

Make Sure Your Tree Survives a Storm with Tree Cabling and Bracing

Oklahoma is often plagued with strong winds and storms throughout the year.  One of the most notable examples of this is tree damage. With powerful winds and rains, many of the wonderful trees throughout the state are often damaged.  From broken branches scattered across the ground to entire trees being uprooted, many healthy trees suffer huge amounts of damage.  Thankfully, many trees survive the storms with the benefit of tree cabling and bracing. This process ensures that trees are much more likely to survive adverse weather conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at this process, and how it may be worth investing in to ensure your tree survives any future storms.

How Tree Bracing and Cabling works

Tree bracing and cabling is a process used by arborists to add structural support to a tree. It involves adding strong braces and/or cables to a tree to help prevent possible damage or failure, typically in the event of adverse weather.

For instance, cabling and bracing involve adding flexible steel cables between branches or trunks of a tree, connecting them between bracing rods or bolts attached to the tree. Dead branches are also removed during the process, further minimizing the risk as they are the most likely to break off during a storm.

This helps to reduce the movement of any healthy branches and trunks, while also offering additional support to any weak spots, limiting how much stress they face in times of high winds and heavy rains.

Bracing and cabling are typically used to support and brace multiple tree limbs or trunks, whether it’s a cluster of branches in the canopy or a split trunk at the base of the tree.

Tree Bracing and Cabling Benefits

By providing added structural support to various parts of a tree, bracing and cabling makes the tree much less susceptible to damage from the elements. For instance, branches cannot move as freely as they once did, reducing the stresses and fractures caused by high winds, meaning they’re less likely to snap off.

This provides obvious safety benefits in times of storms, while also greatly reducing the risks of property damage and possible death to the tree from excessive damage.  Certain species of trees are more susceptible to damage from high winds, such as those with open canopies and trees prone to multiple trunks.

Does Tree Cabling and Bracing Help Trees Survive Storms?

For the most part, yes!  However, always ensure the service is done properly.  This will guarantee that the process is done using the best (and safest) standards.  As tree inspections are about determining any structural weaknesses that could be a risk, it’s a great way to find out how safe your tree now is after the bracing and cabling process.

If you have questions about Tree Cabling and Bracing or any other tree services contact the professionals at Taylor Tree Care for a Free Estimate.

When Is It Time to Remove a Tree

When Is It Time to Remove a Tree

It should be obvious if your tree is completely dead, it absolutely should be cut down for safety reasons. Limbs and branches will start falling soon after death. There is also a risk that the whole tree could fall as well, endangering property, pets, and even lives.  But what about struggling trees? A damaged or partially dead tree can also be dangerous. Sometimes they can recover, and the human inclination is to give everyone a second chance. Let’s look at some of the considerations first before deciding.

How Close is the Tree to Living Spaces?

The first consideration should always be human life and limb. Does this tree threaten sidewalks, a road, or perhaps a back yard where children might play? Is it dangerously close to a dwelling, perhaps leaning towards a bedroom, or an often-occupied back deck? These are areas you simply don’t want to have a tree hospital. Some studies have claimed as many as 150 people a year are killed by falling trees or limbs, and there is no real data on how many injuries there are. If there is any real risk to people, cut it down!

How much will it cost to treat and/or medicate the tree versus replacing it?

This can be somewhat more difficult to assess. Generally, it depends a lot on what your vision of a replacement might be. A small seedling might only cost $10, yet a large sapling could cost you a $1000 or more depending on the species and size. Also, some diseases are easily treated with water and nutrients but for many diseases, the necessary applications can be costly and require years of treatment to be effective. It is best to get professional consultation from a certified arborist to get a full grasp on the effectiveness and cost of saving a tree before spending your hard-earned cash on what may be a lost cause. You might also consider replacement with a hardier species a better long-term solution, depending on the original cause of the tree’s decline. In the end, this decision is up to you. It can be hard to put a price on a heritage tree.

Be realistic about a trees chance of recovery

Whether it’s a lightning strike, wind damage, or perhaps die-back from drought or nutritional deficiencies, every tree has a limit to what it can fully recover from. This isn’t an exact science, but canopy damage of somewhere between 25%-50% is enough to doom most hardwood trees. If a disease is a cause, as little as 15% canopy loss can spell an irreversible decline in many species of trees. Knowing the cause is key to making this assessment. Perhaps the tree is just water stressed and dropped its leaves early to protect itself. It is well worth the money to have an arborist give you a diagnostic report. Make an informed decision and have the facts in hand before throwing money down a rabbit hole… or in this case, a squirrel hole!

Don’t take bad advice

Your neighbor, Ned, really does mean well with his tree advice, “Just throw down some Weed & Feed, it’ll give it a boost!”  But the truth is there are thousands of tree species and sometimes dozens of sub-groups and hybrids within a species. Unless Ned just happens to be a certified arborist, and familiar with the kinds of trees in your area, Ned’s guess is exactly that. Even professionals need to send off soil or leaf samples often, to specify exactly the nature of what is causing a decline in a tree. You take your animals to a vet. Take an arborist to your trees.

Take the long view

Remember that there is a good chance that most of the trees on your property will outlive your great-grandkids. If a tree is in decline, the sooner you replace it the sooner a healthy and well cared for the tree will someday tower over that same area. Rather than dwelling on the end of a tree’s life, think about the beginning of a new tree’s life. A life that may likely go on for centuries!

If you have questions contact the professionals at Taylor Tree Care by calling 918-299-8200 or if you have a project contact us for a Free Estimate.

Benefits of Tree Limb Cutting

Benefits of Tree Limb Cutting

Are you looking for tree limb cutting services? If so, that probably means your trees are growing rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner. If that’s the case, you definitely should consider tree trimming services for your property. Tree trimming services are the most popular way to save the tree that could potentially damage your property with its rapid growth. For instance, when trees die, or their limbs become weak or rotted, this could cause hazards to your property or your family if one of those heavy branches falls off. Large bulging roots can also damage the concrete around your home. When any of these situations occur, you have no other choice but to invest in tree limb cutting services to prevent the risks caused by trees.

Now you might be wondering why you should invest in tree services when you can do it yourself, but the fact is, cutting limbs on a tree is not easy. If done incorrectly the branch might fall and damage your property or someone nearby. That’s not the only reason to hire a professional.

Here are just a few of the benefits of tree cutting services.

Injury Prevention

Limb cutting, especially on large trees, requires the use of power tools to get the job done. If you’re not familiar with handling these power tools, you might harm and injure yourself. People who have been doing this job for years have the experience and practice to get the job done in a safe manner. They can finish the job without risking injury on themselves and your family and without damaging your property. They also have protective gear to ensure they do not fall while sawing branches at the top of the tree.

It Saves Time & Money

In case you’re planning on doing the tree limb cutting yourself, you might want to reconsider. You will have to invest a lot of money renting tools. You not only save time by hiring a professional to perform the tree cutting but you save a lot of money too.

Overgrown trees can destroy your walls and sewers, and those repair charges are much greater than what you need to invest in cutting the limbs back, to begin with. Hiring a professional tree cutting company will save you money, as they are affordable and offer great services.

They’re Well Equipped to Perform the Job

If you go on and start cutting back limbs on your own tree, you might injure yourself in the process. Not being trained to cut branches or not having the proper equipment could be disastrous to you and your family. Hiring the right company could save you from mishaps, injuries, and property damage.  Cutting limbs on trees is a very risky job. No matter how easy you think the job sounds, tree limb cutting is no easy feat and should always be left to the professionals.

If you’re in need of tree limb cutting services in the Tulsa area do not hesitate to contact Talor Tree Care. Call 918-299-8200 or Click here for a FREE estimate today!

What To Do When Your Tree is Dying

What To Do When Your Tree is Dying

Trees have incredible immune systems. It’s the self-healing ability of trees that allow them to live such long lives. However, what happens when your tree doesn’t look like itself any longer? Believe it or not, an unhealthy tree can harm you and your property. In this blog post, we will look at the signs of a sick tree and what you can do to prevent disease.

The Symptoms of a Dying Tree


Outward symptoms of decay include mushroom-like spores, dead branches, and soft, breakable wood. Note that decay in trees usually affects the inside first. In many cases, you will need to consult a tree care expert regarding this sign.

Poor Structure

A combination of unnatural growth pattern, severe storms, and poor pruning may cause trees to lean more to one side or have a peculiar shape. A reliable tree company can work to prevent the tree from falling.

Weak Joints

It’s never good when branches don’t look very attached to the tree. Weak unions or joints can be caused by branches growing close together with bark in between. Not surprisingly, weak branches likely spell trouble if not addressed within a reasonable amount of time.


All trees have cracks, but not all cracks are normal. Watch for any that become too deep and begin to affect the tree’s infrastructure and branches. Cracks can also host detrimental, disease-causing pests.


These are areas of dead bark on your tree. Keep in mind that tree cankers stem from bacteria/fungi that infect a tree through an open wound. Fortunately, tree cankers sound a lot worse than they actually are. With some professional pruning, cankers can be a thing of the past.

Things To Do to Boost Your Tree’s Health:

Look After Your Tree When Doing Yard Work

Take a moment to think about how many times you’ve bumped your lawn mower on the tree over the years. It’s important to know that wounds on trees promote infection.

Look for Exposed Roots

Root rot can be deadly. If you happen to locate any exposed roots, don’t try to handle the dilemma on your own. Put your trust in the hands of a licensed tree service.

Meet the Essential Needs of Your Trees

Just like you and I, a tree must be able to breathe easily. Should you have mulch around your tree, leave plenty of room around it.

Watch the Weather

It’s no secret that trees are hardy creatures. That said, they do require plenty of water. In overly hot/dry conditions, don’t hesitate to water your tree a bit with the garden hose.

Only Prune Your Trees When it is Necessary

Too many homeowners make the mistake of overly pruning. Be aware that trees do not need to be trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. The purpose of pruning is to allow for proper growth and a strong immune system. Don’t hesitate to ask your preferred tree service for the proper pruning tips and techniques.

When Do You Consider Tree Removal?

The reality is that we can only do so much for trees and their health.  At Taylor Tree Care, we offer tree removal for your convenience as a last resort. For nearly three decades, our team has been helping folks throughout the Tulsa area. Our full-service tree removals generally include branches, logs, and major debris. Tree stump removal is included in estimates.

We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to perform a number of tree-related services. Our team makes it a point to communicate with customers as much as possible, helping them understand relevant risks and costs. Doing so helps them make the best decision possible. With 24-hour emergency response service available, you can count on us to get the job done in a timely manner.

Don’t let a dying tree continue to negatively impact your yard and property as a whole. Contact Taylor Tree Care for a Free Estimate today.

Benefits of Tree and Shrub Removal Services

Benefits of Tree and Shrub Removal Services

Professional tree removal services are one of the most important services a homeowner can seek out. Tree and shrub removal services are one of the most sought out services here at Taylor Tree Care. We provide this service to eliminate the risks posed by old trees. Doing the tree removal on your own can expose you to many unnecessary dangers, which is why you need to hire a professional tree removal company that can help you out in just a matter of hours. If you have dead trees or large bushes that need to be removed, there are several reasons why you should hire professionals to do the job for you. Read on to discover why.

It Saves A Lot of Time

The fact that you don’t have the necessary equipment to perform the job correctly means you might spend more time than you need to. This is something you definitely don’t want to do if you already have a busy schedule. Hiring a professional tree removal company that has the equipment and expertise will save you a lot of precious time and energy. If you hire us, we’ll take care of the job for you in just a matter of hours, in a safe and effective way.

It’s Cost-Effective

If you ask other homeowners why they don’t like to hire professional arborists, you’ll likely get the common answer that it’s too expensive. However, this is not true. Hiring professionals like ours are actually the most affordable route. It eliminates the expenses that can be incurred if you perform the tree removal on your own and run into problems, like a branch falling on top of your car, your home, or a powerline.

It Prevents Injuries

All trees can be extremely dangerous not only for your property but your family members, as well. Hiring a professional tree removal company will protect you from such risks. Doing a tree removal on your own is never a good idea. Since you’ll be working with very sharp tools and heights, it’s best to leave it to the professionals who have experience performing tree and shrub removals on a daily basis and can do so in a safe manner.

It Maintains Cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness is a common saying that encourages homeowners to uphold a high level of cleanliness in and around their home. This can be difficult to achieve if you have old and dying trees on your property. If you want to keep your house and property clean, then you need to remove dead and dying trees, as well as dead shrubbery from your yard. The best way to do this is by letting a reputable tree removal company like ours do the job for you.

If you’re in need of tree and shrub removal services in the Tulsa area, do not hesitate to contact us today. Call 918-299-8200 or Click here for a FREE estimate today!