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Our Equipment at Taylor Tree Care

We are fully equipped to handle all of your tree service needs. We own and operate just about every type of equipment known to the tree service industry.  Take a moment to check out just some of our equipment at Taylor Tree Care Tulsa.

130ft-27 Ton Capacity Crane/Log Truck

This is our 27-ton hydraulic truck crane. It allows us to safely remove trees without dropping them into your landscape. We can safely remove trees up to 130 feet away from the crane.

60ft Bucket lift

Our Bucket truck allows us to reach up and cut larger trees with a cutting height of up to 60ft.  We can take care of the largest trees around with ease.

Large Capacity Chip Truck

Our chipper truck is the workhorses of the fleet. They dispose of all the material from the job sites, excluding the logs large enough to take to the mills.

250 HP Diesel Powered Chipper with 18″ Capacity

Our 250hp wood chipper that has the ability to chip an 18-inch diameter log in no time.

25 HP Self Propelled Stump Grinder

This is our 25 hp stump grinder. It is operated with a remote control from a safe distance. The rotating wheel on the front has carbide teeth that turn any stump into mulch.

Multiple Chainsaws & Equipment

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